Welcome to TV’s Golden Age!

yidio-badgeOne of our favorite aspects of television’s new golden age is the amount of quality television that’s being produced…

Now “quality” is a nebulous term, as everyone has their own definition of what constitutes great television and what doesn’t, but what’s notable is that there’s a lot more programming out there that people think is good, and here’s why that’s important: as the number of outlets for television programming has expanded several hundredfold from just three networks, the overall quality of television programming has improved. This is in large part due to the fact that new players have the opportunity to serve niche markets that were previously underserved by a system that needed to cater to the masses.

Catering to the masses also meant catering to the advertisers that wanted to reach those masses. In the pre-cable days, the three networks wanted to gather as many viewers as possible in order to get as much advertising revenue as possible.

That makes it all the more impressive that shows like Mork & Mindy, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and MASH were able to make it on air. Quality was not the order of the day: reaching the lowest common denominator was.

The status quo changed with the advent of cable, as more and more new channels hit the air, channels who were designed specifically to appeal to niche audiences. Those niches rarely equaled “quality” though (their targets were a little too narrow for a mass audience) until HBO began creating its own series in the late 1990s and shows like The Sopranos took off. What was unique about HBO (and its competitor, Showtime) was that they were subscription networks who relied on gaining and keeping viewers, not advertisers.

Freed from the need to appeal to a mass audience or the lowest common denominator, premium cable networks were able to go after a more highbrow (or middlebrow) type of programming, one that appealed to a media savvy audience. This created more buzz around their shows, which got them more subscribers, which gave them the revenue to produce more shows… well, you get the picture.

This paradigm has been replicated again recently, by streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and even Vimeo and YouTube. They’re all chasing after the type of audience that’s enamored enough of high quality television to pay for it on a monthly subscription basis. These viewers are easier to maintain than viewers of ad supported programming because you’ve only got to rein them in once a month (or once a year, depending on the contract.) Networks who run ad supported programming have to rope their audiences in every time the show airs, a much trickier proposition.

These new providers will continue to grow — both in size and number — as the demand for quality television grows. The problem, of course, will be finding a way to sort through all the great television that’s out there.

Where there was once only one Sopranos, one Wire, one Homeland now there are now dozens of them. Throw in the ability to binge watch series you’ve missed, and you’ve just turned finding what to watch into a major job.

That’s the problem we’re trying to solve. With so much good television to watch, how do you find the shows you’re looking for? Even more importantly, how do you find the ones you’re not looking for, but should be?

We do that in many different ways: by surfacing our 15 million active users current favorites, surfacing recommendations based on your preferences and previous activity and by letting you search by keywords and genres through every streaming service you’re signed up for (or want to sign up for…).

As the number of good TV options grows larger and larger and as the number of sources for good TV grows, discovery will become even more important. This is especially true as the new wave of content producers tend not to release their programming on a weekly linear basis: like Netflix and Amazon, they release their series all at once. This makes tune-in messaging less necessary and discovery tools more necessary.

It’s a brave new world out there, but we like the way it looks. Quality television is growing and Yidio will be there to help you find where to watch, what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

So about Universal Search…

universal search

If you are a cord cutter or want to become one, we have some great news for you – it’s becoming easier and easier to do so. Every day more and more amazing TV shows and movies are becoming available online. According to Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, this is just the beginning of the content revolution. Hastings believes “there’s not nearly enough [television]” to keep up with consumer spending trends that he says are “… growing faster than disposable income”. Unfortunately, all this great content isn’t well organized. It actually isn’t that easy to find something new to watch that you actually like. Sometimes it’s even hard to find where to watch a show or movie when you know the name! If consumers are already drowning in content and finding where to watch something is hard now then what will the future hold?  This is the reason you’ve recently heard a lot about universal search.

I suppose a definition of universal search is in order. I’ll admit ahead of time that I’m focused solely on entertainment for the purpose of this post even though universal search encompasses much more than just this singular category. That said, our working definition for universal search is the aggregation of TV show and movie content from all online providers in one searchable interface.  As you can imagine, this is no small task. Even Apple has recently taken on the challenge of universal search, joining the ranks of Roku and Yidio

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.46.03 PM

A few weeks ago at WSJD, Tim Cook called the new Apple TV “the foundation of the future of TV”. With the new Apple TV, you can navigate a variety of different media applications to discover your favorite TV shows and movies. Unfortunately it only applies to content partners whom have agreed to enter the AppleTV ecosystem.  Granted this list of partners will grow over time but some may never join. This could prove to be a major stumbling block for the universal search platform that Apple is building. In the end, the consumer might not find the search functionality on AppleTV to be truly universal…

Like Apple and Roku, Yidio is  committed to universal search, but we have a different idea of what that means. For search to be truly universal, it can’t be bound by a particular software or hardware platform. We believe the best solution is the one that is best for the consumer. Rather than the consumer needing to bend behavior to the limitations of the platform, the technology needs to bend to meet the consumer’s needs regardless of platform, technology or software. As we continue to build the most consumer friendly universal search possible, we’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see in order to make our applications even better.

Yidio in the News!

Two weeks ago we officially launched the updated app for iOS and Android.  So far feedback has been great and people love the new enhanced search and discovery capabilities of the app.  Every update is a direct result of user  feedback.  We read every email and comment to get ideas and make sure that future iterations are awesome.  While we’re in between app updates check out some of the recent articles featuring Yidio and some of the coverage of the app!

USA Today400x400


USA Today, Cutting the Cord: Changes abound for consumers, September 27, 2015

“Right now, competition is fierce among (over-the-top video) providers and networks alike to capture and retain consumer attention, and this is driving massive innovation and change in the industry,”said Brandon Eatros, CEO of Yidio, an online and app-based next generation TV guide. Yidio, which aims to serve as a caddy for streaming video, recently increased the online video content it searches across the 180 content providers.

As providers such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu — and others — secure more movies and shows, and create new ones on their own, viewers have trouble finding what they want. Yidio helps users navigate “the growing numbers of services and providers in order to easily find shows and movies – without having to search each individual app, one at a time to find what they’re looking for,” Eatros said.



AppAdvice, Track shows and movies you have seen with the Yidio update, September 25, 2015

When you are on the train, sitting at the coffee shop, or taking a break at work, being able to watch one of your favorite shows is a great way to pass the time. But, sometimes you wonder where you can watch, which app to use, or how much it will cost. Yidio is an app that provides all of this information for you. So, never wonder again where to catch the latest episodes of “Supernatural,” “Empire,” or “Scandal.” From TV to movies, Yidio has you covered.



Creator – WeWork blog, 5 Must-Have Apps for TV Addicts, September 29, 2015

When I found this app, I was all, “Where have you been all my life?”

Quick! Tell me where you can find episodes of New Girl. While you are running around trying to figure out where you can watch it, I looked it up on Yidio. Season 4 is available on Hulu Plus, Fox Now, Xfinity, DirectTV, Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play. But if you want to watch it from the beginning, you’ll only find the first three seasons on Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play.

New Look, New Features, New Yidio!

Thanks to your feedback, we have been making frequent updates to improve your Yidio experience to be the best it can be. Today, we’re pleased to release a completely new version for Android and an updated iOS 9 experience! This new version increases the number of sources in the app by over 40%, gives you information about the watching experience for each provider and makes following and managing your shows and movies easier than ever.

With the increase in the number of ways to watch your favorite show or movie we made sure to include as many sources as possible in this new version. In addition to popular sources like Netflix, Hulu Plus and iTunes we have added Xfinity, DirecTV, HBO NOW, Cartoon Network and more. With one simple search you will find where to watch anything, anywhere.

In addition to source expansion, we now show detailed information for each source about the episode and movie. The newly added information includes casting options, pricing, ad-supported, and if closed captioning is available. We are positive you will find what you want to watch and where you want to watch simpler and easier than ever.

New iOS Movie and Show Pages

Finally, the app has a completely new look and feel! For Android, we updated the entire app to be a seamless navigation experience and match material design practices. We completely redesigned every screen of the app to make a beautiful, thoughtful and consistent experience across all screens. For iOS, we’ve designed with iOS 9 and the user in mind. We’ve paid special attention to the show and movie screens and highlighted the actions that you find most valuable. Now marking shows as watched, favoriting and finding movie and show recommendations is simpler than ever.

Android Redesign

If you haven’t already downloaded the latest version of Yidio for Android and iOS, you can get the update from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Also don’t forget to like us and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest entertainment news.

Whats New? Link Your Netflix Account and a Personalized Feed

In the past week Yidio has enabled some great new features on our website and in the Yidio Alerts platform, all of which are designed bring to TV you.  Now, all your favorite TV shows can be configured, managed and viewed in the MyYidio section of the website.  Start adding favorites by linking your Netflix account and connecting with Facebook.  Then visit My Feed for a real-time stream of TV episodes, news and airing information on the shows you’ve selected as your favorites.  Enable personalized alerts by selecting your channels — email, Facebook feed or Twitter feed.

Signup now to get started!


Here’s a quick slideshow of the new and improved MyYidio:

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Introducing the Daily Personalized TV Reminder

Whether you’re a TV addict with hundreds of shows queued up on your DVR, a cord-cutter who only streams one or two shows as they appear on Hulu, or somewhere in-between mixing and matching American Idol live with the Daily Show on your DVR there are more ways than ever to watch your favorite TV shows.

Yidio has rolled out a new way to bring TV to you, in the form of a daily digest of your top TV today via email. Customized strictly to your favorite shows, you’ll know what’s on that day and night by checking your inbox. Yidio emails you the only customized daily digest of what and where to watch on-air and online.

More Personalized

  • Only your favorite shows
  • Only the latest news and gossip on your shows

More Prioritized

  • Only whats airing tonight
  • Only first-run episodes as they are streaming online

Your personalized daily TV reminder

Here’s how to set up and try the alerts digest for yourself. First, login and update your favorite shows for the Fall season. Then you can go to your Settings from the right top corner, and check the list for Daily Digest. Then check your email and start watching!