Amazon Prime: More Choices for Streaming

Amazon adds another service to the array of choices for people turning to online video and streaming TV shows, Amazon yesterday introduce Amazon Prime Instant Video. A great option for Amazon Prime subscribers who are already paying $79 per year for delivery, but its value is limited by its slim selection at launch.

For consumers its sort of like having a video store down the street since many of the movies are library TV shows and movies.   Yidio indexes Amazon Prime content just like Amazon On-demand content, so Prime members using Yidio will also be able to access everything they’re entitled to see.

For the industry, one of the more insightful commenters has been Glen Rayburn of Business of Video over at Business Insider.   Netflix’s lead in content is unlikely to last very long as Amazon brings more content to its instant service, and leverages its infrastructure to provide better quality. Just how divergent the two can become with regard to content, pricing or quality remains to be seen.  But the new pricing scheme is presenting another test case for multiple revenue stream (subscription and vod/ad-supported) acceptance by studios and networks.

Amazon Prime Launches

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