Cord Cutting: Five Steps that Feel Like Twelve

The five step guide to cutting the cord over at NewTeeVee, makes it sound easy to get rid of your cable or satellite subscription. But while evidence is mounting that the number of people ditching their subscriptions is climbing, it remains incredibly difficult to replicate the “lean back” experience.  In fact, so difficult, that it’s still a very early adopter segment.  Even though according to the Street,  The Convergence Consulting Group projects that by the fourth quarter of 2011, the number of cord cutters will reach 1.6 million or twice the audience they predicted in 2009, that’s still a very small number of cable tv subscribers or internet users for that matter.

As this phenomenon unfolds and the industry responds, cord cutters and internet video viewers alike, need better tools for find and watching the available TV content out there.  For people cutting the cord to save money, Yidio credits offers another option to watch premium content for free via our Yidio Credits program.

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