The Only Independent Online TV Guide

We want to send our congratulations to Clicker and CBS Interactive. With last week’s Sidereel acquisition by Rovi its clear that content aggregation, discovery and guides are going to play a vital role as online video crosses the chasm.

This consolidation leaves Yidio as the leading independent programming guide, and we’re positioned to be the independent, agile and user-driven experience. Fragmentation of content and rapid introduction of new services and platforms is only beginning to reach consumers.   We’ve been a product and technology focused organization from the beginning and our goal is to help users manage their online entertainment as the market becomes more complicated for them to navigate.  One of the key issues in early adoption of online video and television watching has been helping viewers find the content they want, despite the “behind the curtains” industry practices that make TV viewing fragmented and inconsistent.

For the television viewer the next 12-24 months will prove to be extremely exciting and daunting, and Yidio will be introducing cross-platform innovative services to help consumers manage their entertainment options across platforms, devices and channels.

So being the last startup standing, we’re extremely excited about the future of online TV and executing the amazing plan we have in front of us.

Brandon Eatros
CEO & Co-Founder

About Yidio

Yidio (short for Your Internet Video) makes it easy to find, enjoy and watch more than a million episodes of 11,000 TV shows on your laptop, TV, tablet or your mobile phone.

Founded in 2008, Yidio is a profitable angel-backed startup in San Francisco. With more than 10 million visitors a month, 1.5 million registered users and the most extensive episode information on movies and television, is the largest provider of new users to internet TV and movie content providers like Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix.


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