#SXSW #TV #iTV #Video #WebTV Events

(With a Few Parties Thrown In  on  Sat 12- Tues 15)

Saturday March 12

9:30 AM

It’s Not Tv, It’s Social Tv
Hyatt Hill Country AB

11 AM

The Last Broadcast: Entertainment is Social – What’s Next?
Room 18ABCD

12:30 PM

Mistakes I Made Building Netflix for the iPhone

Hilton Salon J

2 PM

Keynote: Seth Priebatsch

3:30 PM

A Conversation With Todd Phillips
Room 18ABCD

4:00 PM
Roqbot / Roku Hangover Happy Hour at SXSWi

5:00 PM

The Great Paywall Experiment: Evolving Digital Subscription Models
Sheraton Capitol A-D

Diggnation Live
Stubb’s BBQ

8 PM

Interactive Opening Party presented by frog design
Whitley Building

9 PM

Digital LA – SXSW Cocktails
Paradise on Sixth

Sunday March 13

9:30 AM

Measuring Social Media – Let’s Get Serious
Social Graph TX Ballroom 2-4

11:00 AM

Mediactive: A Users’ Guide to Networked Media
Book Reading Ballroom G

11:20 AM

Dan Gillmor

Bookstore Appearance Ballroom D Foyer

5:00 PM

Live Digital Streaming and the Split Screen Experience

Convergence Room 18ABCD

Recommendation Engines: Going Beyond the Social Graph

Social Graph TX Ballroom 5-7

5:30 PM

Royale with Cheese @ ROIAL – Sponsored by Canaan Partners

Part Roial

7:00 PM

Interactive/Film Fusion Party presented by Meebo

Party Six Lounge

Monday March 14

11:00 AM

Barry Diller Shares Insight on All Things Media

Featured Speaker Ballroom D

Big Data and APIs for PHP Developers

Workshop Capitol E-H

The Future of Storytelling: DEXTER Fans Play Killer

Special Programming Grand Ballroom

TV + New Media = Formula for Success

Emerging Salon F/G

11:30 AM

3 Screens, 1 Cloud: Creating Optimal Connected Experiences

Future15 Ballroom E

11:45 AM

Designing Video-Rich Websites For All Three Screens
Future15 Ballroom E

12:00 PM

How Small Screens are Making iTV Big

Future15 Ballroom E

12:15 PM

GoogleTV to iPad Apps: The Connected TV Experience

Future15 Ballroom E

12:30 PM

Personalized Interfaces and the Arrival of Smart TV

Future15 Ballroom E

12:45 PM

Second Screen: TV Meets The Web Backchannel

Future15 Ballroom E

9:00 PM

Celebrating the Beauty of the Web, hosted by the Internet Explorer 9 team

Party ACL Live at The Moody Theater

Funny or Die & Tumblr’s LOL Reblog party

Party Highball

Tuesday March 15

11:00 AM

Branded Entertainment: Do Brands Hurt Good Storytelling?

Branding / Marketing Ballroom F
TV Networks Extending Interactivity for Fans

Social Graph TX Ballroom 2-4

12:30 PM

SXSW Convergence Meet Up with Turner Broadcasting

Meet Up Exhibit Hall 3/4

The Convergence of Traditional and Internet TV

Convergence Room 13AB

4:00 PM

6 Easy Ways to Produce Compelling Video (That You Hadn’t Thought of Before)

Future15 Ballroom E

4:15 PM

Using Online Video to Build Your Company’s Audience

Future15 Ballroom E

4:45 PM

Video Analytics and the Future: Mastering the Data-Stream

Future15 Ballroom E

5:00 PM

Business of Monetization of Online Video

Future15 Ballroom E

5:15 PM

In Web Video, Can Quality and Scale Coexist?

Future15 Ballroom E

5:30 PM

What We Really Want In Web TV

Future15 Ballroom E

5:45 PM

Video’s Second Coming: Making It Social

Future15 Ballroom E


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