More Shows, Blazing Search

One of the well-documents issues for cord cutters is the “hunt and search for programming,” aptly describe in today’s TechCrunch article, The Four Big Steps to Cutting the Cord. We make it easy to find the content you want whether you’re a cord cutter or not.

Yidio just doubled its TV show and episode count with a major overhaul of our aggregation engine.  Going from 5,000 to 11,000 shows in 24 hours, and from 300,000 to 1 million episodes.  As part of our new automated aggregation tools you can expect our links to content to be freshest, most accurate, and most accessible.   Yidio pulls in data from more than 60 content partners and distributors to aggregate, normalize and categorize TV shows and movies. This also allows Yidio to boast the fastest most accurate streaming TV search available, with none of the dead links or bad episode information that litter the web.   And our platform is now fully scalable to add millions of pieces of content as online tv and video continues to explode.


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