Media Unbundling & Barriers to TV Everywhere

In a recent post on GigaOm Andrei Jezierski dives into the puzzle of fragmentation and media unbundling in the TV ecosystem.  Based on his book Television Everywhere: How Hollywood Can Take Back the Internet and Turn Digital Dimes Into Dollars, he lays out some scenarios that synch with the Yidio’s vision of the future of television, “provide ways of discovering, keeping track of, sharing, and being rewarded for viewing shows that are widely-dispersed across hundreds of cable channels and web sources.”

Confusing rights relationships, variable release windows for shows and inconsistent availability across services, geographies, and screens makes finding watching and sharing frustrating and difficult for viewers.  Jezierski uses the TV show House as an example “On Hulu Plus (paid service), there’s a five-show inventory offered on an eight-day delay from broadcast, while over on (free), five shows are offered on one-day delay for up to 30 days.”  He aptly summarizes one of the key issues for online TV viewers, as one Yidio user put it,  “Having to look all over the place for a show or only getting a few minutes of it, or not the full episode.”

TV fans want information about shows, topics, characters, actors that transcend networks, service and technologies.  Yidio indexes hundreds of online and broadcast TV sources in real-time to focus on providing a seamless user experience for TV everywhere, with the ultimate goal is personalized TV that you can take with you.

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