Media Unbundling & Barriers to TV Everywhere

In a recent post on GigaOm Andrei Jezierski dives into the puzzle of fragmentation and media unbundling in the TV ecosystem.  Based on his book Television Everywhere: How Hollywood Can Take Back the Internet and Turn Digital Dimes Into Dollars, he lays out some scenarios that synch with the Yidio’s vision of the future of television, “provide ways of discovering, keeping track of, sharing, and being rewarded for viewing shows that are widely-dispersed across hundreds of cable channels and web sources.”

Confusing rights relationships, variable release windows for shows and inconsistent availability across services, geographies, and screens makes finding watching and sharing frustrating and difficult for viewers.  Jezierski uses the TV show House as an example “On Hulu Plus (paid service), there’s a five-show inventory offered on an eight-day delay from broadcast, while over on (free), five shows are offered on one-day delay for up to 30 days.”  He aptly summarizes one of the key issues for online TV viewers, as one Yidio user put it,  “Having to look all over the place for a show or only getting a few minutes of it, or not the full episode.”

TV fans want information about shows, topics, characters, actors that transcend networks, service and technologies.  Yidio indexes hundreds of online and broadcast TV sources in real-time to focus on providing a seamless user experience for TV everywhere, with the ultimate goal is personalized TV that you can take with you.

Yahoo Veteran, Greg Hintz, Joins as General Manager

Our Team is Growing!

Greg Hintz, General Manager

Greg Hintz

Today Yidio welcomes a new addition to our executive team,   Yahoo! veteran Greg Hintz, who joins as General Manager to lead marketing, distribution, audience and business operations. Prior to joining Yidio, Greg was Head of Listings and SEO of the Yahoo! Americas region, where he was responsible for business management, content and programming, and the day to day operations of industry leading properties such as Yahoo! Autos, Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Travel, Yahoo! Real Estate, and Yahoo! Health.  Greg brings a diverse background in business strategy, analytics, web search and online advertising to this position.  In his seven year career at Yahoo, Greg was General Manager of Yahoo! Shopping, and managed the Yahoo! Entertainment Operations Finance team.  He was also a member of the Yahoo! Search Business Operations team.  Prior to Yahoo, he held positions at NexTag and Goldman Sachs. Greg is a Chartered Financial Analyst and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Yale University.


Always More to Watch, and We Show You Where to Watch It

Its fairly easy to figure out how to watch current season and newly airing episodes of favorite shows, but if you missed the first season of Glee or Dexter, unless you follow Variety, you won’t know you can now catch those on Netflix streaming service, thanks to a new deal with 20th Century Fox. And yesterday, in an interesting move, WB, Sony and Universal and 20th Century will be making first run movie premiers available via DirecTV next month for $30 – turning your living room into a movie theater. If anything, the choices for watching TV and movies at from free to premium keep expanding, and fragmenting at the same time. At Yidio we scan hundreds of sources for television and movies to bring it all into one up-to-the minute and comprehensive guide. Our guide now indexes more than a million TV episodes wherever you want to watch it.

More Shows, Blazing Search

One of the well-documents issues for cord cutters is the “hunt and search for programming,” aptly describe in today’s TechCrunch article, The Four Big Steps to Cutting the Cord. We make it easy to find the content you want whether you’re a cord cutter or not.

Yidio just doubled its TV show and episode count with a major overhaul of our aggregation engine.  Going from 5,000 to 11,000 shows in 24 hours, and from 300,000 to 1 million episodes.  As part of our new automated aggregation tools you can expect our links to content to be freshest, most accurate, and most accessible.   Yidio pulls in data from more than 60 content partners and distributors to aggregate, normalize and categorize TV shows and movies. This also allows Yidio to boast the fastest most accurate streaming TV search available, with none of the dead links or bad episode information that litter the web.   And our platform is now fully scalable to add millions of pieces of content as online tv and video continues to explode.

#SXSW #TV #iTV #Video #WebTV Events

(With a Few Parties Thrown In  on  Sat 12- Tues 15)

Saturday March 12

9:30 AM

It’s Not Tv, It’s Social Tv
Hyatt Hill Country AB

11 AM

The Last Broadcast: Entertainment is Social – What’s Next?
Room 18ABCD

12:30 PM

Mistakes I Made Building Netflix for the iPhone

Hilton Salon J

2 PM

Keynote: Seth Priebatsch

3:30 PM

A Conversation With Todd Phillips
Room 18ABCD

4:00 PM
Roqbot / Roku Hangover Happy Hour at SXSWi

5:00 PM

The Great Paywall Experiment: Evolving Digital Subscription Models
Sheraton Capitol A-D

Diggnation Live
Stubb’s BBQ

8 PM

Interactive Opening Party presented by frog design
Whitley Building

9 PM

Digital LA – SXSW Cocktails
Paradise on Sixth

Sunday March 13

9:30 AM

Measuring Social Media – Let’s Get Serious
Social Graph TX Ballroom 2-4

11:00 AM

Mediactive: A Users’ Guide to Networked Media
Book Reading Ballroom G

11:20 AM

Dan Gillmor

Bookstore Appearance Ballroom D Foyer

5:00 PM

Live Digital Streaming and the Split Screen Experience

Convergence Room 18ABCD

Recommendation Engines: Going Beyond the Social Graph

Social Graph TX Ballroom 5-7

5:30 PM

Royale with Cheese @ ROIAL – Sponsored by Canaan Partners

Part Roial

7:00 PM

Interactive/Film Fusion Party presented by Meebo

Party Six Lounge

Monday March 14

11:00 AM

Barry Diller Shares Insight on All Things Media

Featured Speaker Ballroom D

Big Data and APIs for PHP Developers

Workshop Capitol E-H

The Future of Storytelling: DEXTER Fans Play Killer

Special Programming Grand Ballroom

TV + New Media = Formula for Success

Emerging Salon F/G

11:30 AM

3 Screens, 1 Cloud: Creating Optimal Connected Experiences

Future15 Ballroom E

11:45 AM

Designing Video-Rich Websites For All Three Screens
Future15 Ballroom E

12:00 PM

How Small Screens are Making iTV Big

Future15 Ballroom E

12:15 PM

GoogleTV to iPad Apps: The Connected TV Experience

Future15 Ballroom E

12:30 PM

Personalized Interfaces and the Arrival of Smart TV

Future15 Ballroom E

12:45 PM

Second Screen: TV Meets The Web Backchannel

Future15 Ballroom E

9:00 PM

Celebrating the Beauty of the Web, hosted by the Internet Explorer 9 team

Party ACL Live at The Moody Theater

Funny or Die & Tumblr’s LOL Reblog party

Party Highball

Tuesday March 15

11:00 AM

Branded Entertainment: Do Brands Hurt Good Storytelling?

Branding / Marketing Ballroom F
TV Networks Extending Interactivity for Fans

Social Graph TX Ballroom 2-4

12:30 PM

SXSW Convergence Meet Up with Turner Broadcasting

Meet Up Exhibit Hall 3/4

The Convergence of Traditional and Internet TV

Convergence Room 13AB

4:00 PM

6 Easy Ways to Produce Compelling Video (That You Hadn’t Thought of Before)

Future15 Ballroom E

4:15 PM

Using Online Video to Build Your Company’s Audience

Future15 Ballroom E

4:45 PM

Video Analytics and the Future: Mastering the Data-Stream

Future15 Ballroom E

5:00 PM

Business of Monetization of Online Video

Future15 Ballroom E

5:15 PM

In Web Video, Can Quality and Scale Coexist?

Future15 Ballroom E

5:30 PM

What We Really Want In Web TV

Future15 Ballroom E

5:45 PM

Video’s Second Coming: Making It Social

Future15 Ballroom E

The Only Independent Online TV Guide

We want to send our congratulations to Clicker and CBS Interactive. With last week’s Sidereel acquisition by Rovi its clear that content aggregation, discovery and guides are going to play a vital role as online video crosses the chasm.

This consolidation leaves Yidio as the leading independent programming guide, and we’re positioned to be the independent, agile and user-driven experience. Fragmentation of content and rapid introduction of new services and platforms is only beginning to reach consumers.   We’ve been a product and technology focused organization from the beginning and our goal is to help users manage their online entertainment as the market becomes more complicated for them to navigate.  One of the key issues in early adoption of online video and television watching has been helping viewers find the content they want, despite the “behind the curtains” industry practices that make TV viewing fragmented and inconsistent.

For the television viewer the next 12-24 months will prove to be extremely exciting and daunting, and Yidio will be introducing cross-platform innovative services to help consumers manage their entertainment options across platforms, devices and channels.

So being the last startup standing, we’re extremely excited about the future of online TV and executing the amazing plan we have in front of us.

Brandon Eatros
CEO & Co-Founder

About Yidio

Yidio (short for Your Internet Video) makes it easy to find, enjoy and watch more than a million episodes of 11,000 TV shows on your laptop, TV, tablet or your mobile phone.

Founded in 2008, Yidio is a profitable angel-backed startup in San Francisco. With more than 10 million visitors a month, 1.5 million registered users and the most extensive episode information on movies and television, is the largest provider of new users to internet TV and movie content providers like Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix.

Embedded Hulu Player is Back

This week, embedded Hulu videos are back on the Yidio website, making us the first fully licensed independent programming guide to embed the Hulu Player.  This partnership will enable Yidio’s 1.5 million registered users and 10 million monthly visitors to stream all Hulu’s free ad-supported video clips and full episodes.  Until now, users could only stream full episodes on and a handful of the major portals.

A Hulu partner since 2009, relaunching the embedded player also marks Yidio’s first foray into short form video assets, offering  users the opportunity to preview upcoming shows or see bonus content and interviews. Hulu’s ad-supported full episodes are the most popular free viewing option from the television show pages on  With embedded content viewers will save an extra step to quickly access thousands of video assets offered by Hulu.

Results of the 2011 Yidio Academy Awards Contest

Congratulations to MIF096 for guessing correctly on all 6 major award categories, as well as the tie-breaker question about which film would win the most awards.!  While the results showed that Yidio users were pretty savvy about predicting the results for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor, they missed the mark on the award for Directing and Best Supporting Actress.   Here are the results.  What were your guesses?

Best Picture:
Actual Winner – “The King’s Speech”
Yidio Viewer’s Choice – “The King’s Speech”

Best Director:
Actual Winner – Tom Hooper, “The King’s Speech”
Yidio Viewer’s Choice: David Fincher, “The Social Network

Best Actress:
Actual Winner – Natalie Portman, “Black Swan
Yidio Viewer’s Choice – Natalie Portman, “The Black Swan

Best Actor:
Actual Winner – Colin Firth, “The King’s Speech”
Yidio Viewer’s Choice – Colin Firth, “The King’s Speech”

Supporting Actor:
Actual Winner – Christian Bale, “The Fighter
Yidio Viewer’s Choice – Christian Bale, “The Fighter

Supporting Actress:
Actual Winner – Melissa Leo, “The Fighter
Yidio Viewer’s Choice – Hailee Steinfeld, “True Grit

SocialTV and Second Screen Firsts Abound at 83rd Oscars

In one of many Oscars “firsts” this year, ABC has announced it will be Live Streaming behind-the-scenes footage, and viewers can buy an “all-access” pass for $4.99. See the Yidio News commentary here. On the App front, ABC and the Academy will be engaging the television multitaskers with Oscars Backstage Pass – available on iTunes.  Summarized nicely on Lost Remote, a few of the reporters who will be crowdsourcing thier Red Carpet questions on Twitter. Yidio users can earn a chance to win 5,000 Yidio credits by voting for their  83rd Annual Academy Award picks. Tune-in online or on television, the Oscars will be broadcast on February 27th at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.