Introducing the Daily Personalized TV Reminder

Whether you’re a TV addict with hundreds of shows queued up on your DVR, a cord-cutter who only streams one or two shows as they appear on Hulu, or somewhere in-between mixing and matching American Idol live with the Daily Show on your DVR there are more ways than ever to watch your favorite TV shows.

Yidio has rolled out a new way to bring TV to you, in the form of a daily digest of your top TV today via email. Customized strictly to your favorite shows, you’ll know what’s on that day and night by checking your inbox. Yidio emails you the only customized daily digest of what and where to watch on-air and online.

More Personalized

  • Only your favorite shows
  • Only the latest news and gossip on your shows

More Prioritized

  • Only whats airing tonight
  • Only first-run episodes as they are streaming online

Your personalized daily TV reminder

Here’s how to set up and try the alerts digest for yourself. First, login and update your favorite shows for the Fall season. Then you can go to your Settings from the right top corner, and check the list for Daily Digest. Then check your email and start watching!

Check Us Out! Hot Video and Photo Startups September 13th @ SFBeta 6.0.0

Come out and to see us show off our latest platform updates including improvements to our recently released Yidio Alerts.  A great new TV guide alerts service to keep you up to the minute on all your favorite shows,  just in time for Fall TV lineup.  The SF Beta 6.0.0 demo theme features startups building creative and innovative approaches to video and photography, on September 13th at 111 Minna.

Sign up to attend now for what’s certain to be another sell-out event.

Bringing TV to You, Yidio Alerts Launches

Just because TV is everywhere doesn’t mean you should have to look all over to find it. Yidio Alerts bring all your TV to you, leveraging the pre-eminent social channels to deliver a personalized, prioritized TV guide.

Yidio Alerts Splash Page

TV fans can now sign up to get push notifications for new episode broadcast airings, new online streaming episode availability, and new articles published on their favorite TV shows & movies.  The alerts can be delivered by email, Facebook, Twitter, or viewed on the Yidio website.

The public beta launch of Yidio Alerts services for Facebook, email and Twitter is a demonstration of the scalability and flexibility of the core Yidio API and program guide to aggregate, normalize and broadcast complex entertainment information.  Yidio Alerts makes it easy to find, watch and share TV and movies.

Try it today to get your personalized TV notifications.  Then let us know what you think!

Thank You For Making Yidio the Top TV Guide On Facebook!

It’s a very happy 3rd birthday for Yidio.  In May 2011, we not only topped 500,000 Facebook fan likes, but we also signed up our 1.5 millionth registered user.  Now more than 10 million visitors come to Yidio each month to find, watch and share over 300,000 episodes of TV and 30,000 movies.  One reason for our growth is Yidio Credits, our unique virtual currency platform where fans have earned more than 600 million credits to watch video on demand.

At 500,000 “likes,” Yidio is the most popular Online TV Guide on Facebook– even beating out one of our favorite partners, Hulu – and there is no stopping the rise of interactions around TV shows that our viewers love. On the Yidio website, social sharing and commenting has been going through the roof. On a monthly basis, the Top 25 shows on Yidio are generating over 150,000 social actions such as liking, sharing, or commenting.

Since we started tracking the shows generating the most buzz on our website, the most social interactions were generated about Jersey Shore, True Blood, Glee, Vampire Diaries, and Gossip Girl. This trend reflects Yidio’s unique, dynamic and young, 18-34 core demographic. The shows that appeal to the female demographic, Vampire Diaries, Glee, and Gossip Girl, generate more active social buzz with sharing and commenting.

Here are some cool stats on how Yidio users are finding, watching and sharing their favorite TV shows.

Yidio Reaches 1.5 Million Users, 500k Facebook Fans Infographic

Read more about us on our website here.

Embedded Hulu Player is Back

This week, embedded Hulu videos are back on the Yidio website, making us the first fully licensed independent programming guide to embed the Hulu Player.  This partnership will enable Yidio’s 1.5 million registered users and 10 million monthly visitors to stream all Hulu’s free ad-supported video clips and full episodes.  Until now, users could only stream full episodes on and a handful of the major portals.

A Hulu partner since 2009, relaunching the embedded player also marks Yidio’s first foray into short form video assets, offering  users the opportunity to preview upcoming shows or see bonus content and interviews. Hulu’s ad-supported full episodes are the most popular free viewing option from the television show pages on  With embedded content viewers will save an extra step to quickly access thousands of video assets offered by Hulu.

This January, Yidio Expects Seven Million People to Watch TV Online


San Diego, Calif. – January 14, 2010 – Since October 2009, the popularity of Yidio, which is fast becoming the destination for discovering, sharing and viewing TV and movies online, has seen a dramatic rise as measured by unique visitors and page views. On January 31, Yidio projects that its online TV discovery engine will have attracted seven million unique visitors for the month, which will be a 75 percent uptick from that same measure 90 days prior[1]. During January, the company also expects 50 million page views, another statistic the company regularly tracks to gauge online activity at

Yidio is equal parts discovery engine, content aggregator and social network, linking viewers to TV and movies, no matter where the content is located online.

“When I first got rid of my satellite and cable TV services, I found myself turning to Yidio more and more to watch my favorite TV shows until, finally, it was the only way for me to watch TV online,” said Sherry D., a Yidio member.  “Yidio offered me a flexibility I couldn’t find anywhere else on the internet. I can use Yidio to look at what’s on TV any day of the week, go directly to a specific show through Yidio’s episode guides, buy a favorite episode, or simply watch it on the website of the network it originally aired on!

”There are so many options to explore at Yidio, even beyond the TV and movie-watching,” added Sherry. “I’ve made friends in Australia, England, Italy and a number of other places around the world. And if communicating on Yidio’s website isn’t enough, the site also offers you a way to tell people on Twitter and Facebook what you’re finding and watching at Yidio.”

“There’s an incredible opportunity to provide viewers with a way to not only find and watch their favorite TV shows and movies, but also share that experience with their friends and family wherever they are,” said Brandon Eatros, co-founder and CEO of Yidio. “We’ve built a platform that serves up the content our viewers want to discover, in seconds.”

Yidio’s success stems from the fact that the site gives viewers a personalized, online entertainment center that does two things. First, Yidio organizes the fragmented marketplace of content spread across hundreds of providers. And second, the site helps viewers zero in on when and where they can watch their favorite TV shows. Yidio is also a place where anyone can easily use Yidio’s technology to connect with other viewers to discover new content.

Site Features

  • Discovery Engine – recommends content based on your interactions on Yidio. The more you “Like,” “Favorite,” and “Discuss” your favorite shows, the more accurate the recommendations become.
  • Episode Guides – provides Yidio users with instant access to all available content providers with one click. The guides include sorting options to search for shows by specific networks and a personalized TV schedule based on a user’s favorite shows.
  • Social Entertainment Network – sparks communication in real-time between Yidio users who can instantly share their viewing activity across Facebook and Twitter with all of their friends; offers users a way to exchange threaded comments for easy views and replies.

Yidio is profitable and backed by an equity investment from a group led by serial entrepreneur Alan Warms and Performics founder James Crouthamel.

About Yidio

Yidio’s goal is to provide simply the best way to watch TV and movies online. With thousands of hours of TV programming now available online, Yidio aggregates content for over 400,000 episodes across nearly 3,500 TV shows. Yidio provides users with a single platform to access premium content no matter where it’s located. Yidio takes the enormous world of online TV and organizes it into easy-to-use episode guides that provide access to content from one to many sources. Learn more about Yidio at

# # #

[1] Source:  Google Analytics (October 2009 through January 13, 2010)

Appolicious Raises $1.5 Million for Social iPhone App Directory

We are happy to announce that Yidio board member Alan Warms has raised $1.5 million in funding for from Apex Venture Partners and James Crouthamel, the founder of Performics.

Appolicious was founded with the goal of making it easy for you to find mobile applications you’ll use and love.  The platform combines social networking, journalism and technology to help you discover the best of the current 100k iPhone apps available today.

Congrats to Al and his team!

Announcing The Launch of Yidio, v3

After months of development, v3 of Yidio is ready and we are excited to finally make it public today!

Yidio’s goal is to provide the best platform to watch TV and movies online. With this launch, we have developed many new features to enhance discovery of new entertainment, create real-time conversations regarding TV shows or movies, and increase organization throughout the site.

With Yidio now reaching 4 million unique visitors and 32 million pageviews each month, we want to thank our loyal users who continue continue to drive adoption of our easy-to-use episode guide that has made Yidio one of the top destinations to watch TV online.   With the v3 launch, we hope to make the Yidio experience even better.

New Features:

  • Increased functionality to provide easier access to the shows you love most!
  • Intelligent Auto-Suggest Search.
  • New directories that include sorting options to search for shows by specific networks.
  • Enhanced personalized TV Schedules based on your Favorite shows.
  • “Daily Reminder” sent straight to your email or Facebook account so you never forgot when new episodes of your shows are on.
  • Build your own “Queue” to keep a list of your must watch episodes.
  • Ability to “Like” episodes, movies, and activity.
  • Discovery Engine that recommends content based on your interactions on Yidio.  The more you “Like,” “Favorite,” and “Discuss” your favorite shows, the more accurate the recommendations become.
  • Search for a specific episode by season # and episode # and receive accurate results.  Results expand to provide instant access to link results.
  • Real-Time Conversation that provides threaded comments for easy viewing and replying.  Communicate in real-time with Yidio users and instantly share your activity across Facebook and Twitter with all of your friends.
  • Read and respond to Twitter conversations real-time.
  • Real-Time discussions search so you can always find something to talk about!
  • Wondering if a show is hot or not?  Every page has a graphical representation that displays how your favorite shows are trending amongst Yidio users.

Feature Removed:

  • We have decided to forgo our music dream to focus all our attention on providing the best TV & Movie experience possible.  We hate to see it go, however, Yidio will be better positioned to focus on what it does best.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and please let us know your thoughts about the new site.  All feedback is greatly appreciated.


Yidio Team