Introducing the Daily Personalized TV Reminder

Whether you’re a TV addict with hundreds of shows queued up on your DVR, a cord-cutter who only streams one or two shows as they appear on Hulu, or somewhere in-between mixing and matching American Idol live with the Daily Show on your DVR there are more ways than ever to watch your favorite TV shows.

Yidio has rolled out a new way to bring TV to you, in the form of a daily digest of your top TV today via email. Customized strictly to your favorite shows, you’ll know what’s on that day and night by checking your inbox. Yidio emails you the only customized daily digest of what and where to watch on-air and online.

More Personalized

  • Only your favorite shows
  • Only the latest news and gossip on your shows

More Prioritized

  • Only whats airing tonight
  • Only first-run episodes as they are streaming online

Your personalized daily TV reminder

Here’s how to set up and try the alerts digest for yourself. First, login and update your favorite shows for the Fall season. Then you can go to your Settings from the right top corner, and check the list for Daily Digest. Then check your email and start watching!

Whats New on Yidio for the Fall TV Season

With the launch of Yidio Alerts, we’ve been adding new social features, more popular content and creating services to help you customize your viewing experience online.    Make sure you signup then set up favorite TV shows and movies to take advantage of our advanced personalization and recommendations.  Here are a few new reasons to find your shows with Yidio:

See who likes your shows.

1. More social features like “Faces” for show pages, where you can see the friends that like the shows you are looking for on Yidio. You can also set up alerts for favorites directly from the show pages that will provide updates on show airing, episodes available on line and news stories in your Twitter, Facebook newsfeed or via email.

2. Tons of extra footage, interviews, trailers, sneak peeks for the Fall season and other clips for your favorite shows are being added daily.

3. Yidio News provides the latest breaking stories centered on actors, TV show celebrities and red carpet events.  For all the hottest entertainment stories check the Yidio homepage.

Make sure to login and visit the “MyYidio” section to see a personalized activity Feed that allows you to browse airing episodes, recent clips, and news customized by the shows you select as your favorites.  Now you can see only the most recent and most relevant TV content for you.

Bringing TV to You, Yidio Alerts Launches

Just because TV is everywhere doesn’t mean you should have to look all over to find it. Yidio Alerts bring all your TV to you, leveraging the pre-eminent social channels to deliver a personalized, prioritized TV guide.

Yidio Alerts Splash Page

TV fans can now sign up to get push notifications for new episode broadcast airings, new online streaming episode availability, and new articles published on their favorite TV shows & movies.  The alerts can be delivered by email, Facebook, Twitter, or viewed on the Yidio website.

The public beta launch of Yidio Alerts services for Facebook, email and Twitter is a demonstration of the scalability and flexibility of the core Yidio API and program guide to aggregate, normalize and broadcast complex entertainment information.  Yidio Alerts makes it easy to find, watch and share TV and movies.

Try it today to get your personalized TV notifications.  Then let us know what you think!

Embedded Hulu Player is Back

This week, embedded Hulu videos are back on the Yidio website, making us the first fully licensed independent programming guide to embed the Hulu Player.  This partnership will enable Yidio’s 1.5 million registered users and 10 million monthly visitors to stream all Hulu’s free ad-supported video clips and full episodes.  Until now, users could only stream full episodes on and a handful of the major portals.

A Hulu partner since 2009, relaunching the embedded player also marks Yidio’s first foray into short form video assets, offering  users the opportunity to preview upcoming shows or see bonus content and interviews. Hulu’s ad-supported full episodes are the most popular free viewing option from the television show pages on  With embedded content viewers will save an extra step to quickly access thousands of video assets offered by Hulu.

Cord Cutting: Five Steps that Feel Like Twelve

The five step guide to cutting the cord over at NewTeeVee, makes it sound easy to get rid of your cable or satellite subscription. But while evidence is mounting that the number of people ditching their subscriptions is climbing, it remains incredibly difficult to replicate the “lean back” experience.  In fact, so difficult, that it’s still a very early adopter segment.  Even though according to the Street,  The Convergence Consulting Group projects that by the fourth quarter of 2011, the number of cord cutters will reach 1.6 million or twice the audience they predicted in 2009, that’s still a very small number of cable tv subscribers or internet users for that matter.

As this phenomenon unfolds and the industry responds, cord cutters and internet video viewers alike, need better tools for find and watching the available TV content out there.  For people cutting the cord to save money, Yidio credits offers another option to watch premium content for free via our Yidio Credits program.